Wednesday, March 24, 2010

???Organizing Recipes???

I'm interested in revamping my recipe books. Right now I have the family recipe cookbook in half-size binders. They are completely unorganized with missing tabs. I haven't added new favorite recipes. So they are a mess. I rarely can find what I need.

I love having my recipes online (like I did for my 6-week mealplan) because they are searchable, but I don't have a laptop for the kitchen and printing a recipe every time I need it seems ridiculous. This plea for help came to mind because I was searching for my scratch piece of paper that had a recipe for cookies printed on it. I know I've printed that recipe at least 5 times so it's silly to keep printing it. Yes - we need organization!!!

I'm thinking I might just revamp my family recipe book, put in half-size binders with protective pages, and add our new favorites. I want to have more categories so it is easier to find things (such as chicken, beef, soups all under main dish).

Soooo - my point (and question) is...

How do you like to organize your recipes?
~ recipe box and hand write recipes?
~ printed recipe binder in protective sheets so you can add as you need?
~ online only?

What do you think?