Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casserole Call

I am in major need of help. I need something like casseroles that I can put together in the morning / early afternoon (when I still have something that resembles energy) and then just throw in the oven at dinner time. I am majorly struggling with dinner lately. First I am drawing total blanks on what to even have for dinner and then I am too tired/uncomfortable to want to prepare or cook at dinner time. So if you have any make ahead recipes or great casseroles please share them.


Alison said...

I've found Chicken Bruschetta Bake
to be really yummy.

Also Mexican Egg Rolls are great to throw together in the morning, then just deep fry in the evening.

Jolene said...

Pioneer Woman's Chicken Casserole is really good. I have wanted to post it for a while but I haven't.

Heather said...

I knew this amazing woman in Florida who taught early morning seminary and had a bunch of kids in a small house (that was clean!!). And I asked her how she got everything done - especially around dinnertime when everything was the craziest.

She said she always got dinner ready in the morning while her kids were at school (and even though my kids aren't in school in the morning, I do have more energy in the a.m.).

I'll have to see if I can email her and ask some of her easy prepare-ahead meals. My dinners have been stinky lately - like waffles and frozen pizza.

So I definitely need some new ideas and major help too. I'll post more later if I think of some or get some from Sis Haynie.

Julie said...

Elizabeth! I feel your pain. I have had the opportunity to make frozen dinners with a few friends of mine. Everything is really easy and my kids have eaten everything. I have a full email of easy freezer meals if you want to email me.

elizabeth said...

Julie I would love for you to email them to me. That would be great!

Heather said...

I found this blog of freezer meal recipes too.