Saturday, March 17, 2012

let's talk about Oats

anyone still here?  ever since pinterest arrived, we've posted less and less.  sadness.

sooooo... anyhoo.... this past week i was talking with a few family members about steel-cut oats.  I somehow assumed I wouldn't like them because I'm not into normal oatmeal (a bit too mushy for my liking).

So - I'm wondering what y'all think about these?
Have you tried steel-cut oats?
What do you like about them?
How do you cook them?
Have you tried the crock-pot method?
Please post your favorite recipe for them.

I'm ready to give them a go.


elizabeth said...

I like the steel cut oats, they have more crunch and less mush to them. I have only ever cooked them either on the stove or in the microwave but them seem to make a huge mess in the microwave. I like to cook mine with milk (same ratio as water to oats given on package) and then add brown sugar and some fruit and nuts. I really like a banana/pecan combo. There are a few crock-pot recipes on pinterest that look really good but I haven't tried any yet. Good luck, let me know what you try.

Jolene said...

I know this blog is slowly dying. It's sad. It seem like there have been others to start their own recipe blogs I have wondered if its worth still having. :(
Anyway, to your question about oats...I don't like cooked mushy oats. My mom gave me a sample of steel cut oats, so I have tried them, but I haven't purchased them, because quick oats are cheaper and we are still on a very tight budget. I don't cook my oats, I mix the same ratio of milk, oats, and plain yogurt and let them soak over night, (or if I forgot to start it the night before I will let it sit for at least 10 min, but it doesn't get as thick), then I like to add peanut butter and banana, (nuts if it isn't chunky peanut butter and if I don't have a banana I will add some type of sugar.) They are called overnight oats. I got the idea from She has a lot of overnight oat recipes. I didn't have all the fancy ingredients that she uses, so I adapted it to what I have. I would love to know what you try and how you like it.

Janey said...

I'm with Jolene, I don't cook them, and i think you'd like steel cut! They're more crunchy and more nutritious because the nutrients aren't steamed out like rolled oats are. I like them in coconut milk with fresh fruit and coconut :)

Amy D. said...

I heard Daniel (my brother) likes 'em cooked for breakfast. And it's just this month I even heard of them! From Mom and now you all. We have had lots of oats in food storage and I haven't even looked for any at the store in ages. I'm interested.

Amy D. said...

So we tried some Coach's Oats brand of a type of steel cut oats and just cooked with water or milk on the stove for 5 min. and added brown sugar and milk. Nice and not as sticky/mushy as quick oatmeal. The best morning was with canned peaches and some cream :).