Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mini Hamburgers

One of our favorite foods to make for the Super Bowl is mini hamburgers. We use my mom, Shari Price's homemade hamburger buns recipe from the family cookbook (let me know if you need me to post it too) to make mini buns with a small circle cookie cutter. We then fry mini hamburger patties and add cheese (cut with the same small circle cookie cutter used for the buns), a slice of pickle, a red onion ring, and a slice of cherry tomato. Then add a fancy toothpick to hold them all together. That step alone will dress up ordinary party food! They're not filling unless you eat 20 but they are fun and cute. I figure they're a perfect food for both men and women, because men love a good hamburger and women love anything cute and mini, so everyone wins. And that's what we want, right . . . everyone happy! Shane gets an honorary mention along with a posted photo because he helped me make them for our Super Bowl party in Oregon. A warning . . . they seemed to take forever!! So plan ahead. Make them during the warmup to the preparation to the pregame show . . . if there is such a thing.

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Angie said...

so cute Carol! I love the mini-ness! Thanks