Friday, August 13, 2010

Janey's "Green" Smoothies

This smoothie changed my life. I know that's a bold statement, but it's true!

A few people have asked me to post my smoothie recipe on here, and while I'm no "green smoothie girl" I do think I make a pretty mean green smoothie. Below is my "Magic bullet" size recipe.

1/2 cup vanilla soymilk or vanilla almond milk
1/2 cup chopped up, frozen greens (kale, spinach, &/or chard)

Blend well--like, for a full minute. No one wants a gnarly patch of spinach in their drink!


1/2 cup Greek or Non-fat Plain Yogurt (okay, or Vanilla or flavored if you want it sweeter, but I think it tastes better with plain...)
1/4-1/2 cup frozen fruit

Blend again. Drink!

--When I buy my greens I soak them for at least 3 minutes in cold water and try to rinse them off really well, even if they are organic. Spinach and Kale are both in the Dirty Dozen.
--After I soak my greens I usually take out the cores and "thick" parts of the veggies, and then I chop them up, throw them in a ziploc, and freeze them. Then you can chunk off your "daily" portion when you want it without fear of it going bad. It also chops up finer if it's frozen.
--If you can fit more than 1/2 cup of greens in, do it! I have so much more energy the days I have a green smoothie.
--Blueberries cover up the "green" color
--Pineapple hides any bitterness from the "greens"
--Raspberries make it gritty because of the seeds. I avoid raspberries in smoothies even though I love them in real life.
--Peaches are divine.
--If the fruit is frozen, it makes it a frozen treat instead of a mushy drink. Also, I don't use ice because i haaaaaaate ice chunks in my smoothies. I'd rather have a hunk of frozen blueberry!


Heather said...

i'm so glad you posted this. I just came across the green smoothie lady's blog yesterday. But you had to buy any info on her site. i've never had kale or chard. i think i might try this... only i might just use cow's milk. is that okay? good tips too. i think i'll make a mix out of smoothie ingredients. Then have a bunch of little baggies in the freezer that you can just throw in the blender (i wish i had a bullet!). Do you think that would work?

Janey said...

you can use cows milk but if you do, then you need to add honey or agave or splenda or sugar or something to make it a little sweeter. Oh, and add vanilla too if you're using cows milk :)

The smoothie mix is really smart! You can actually freeze the yogurt into cubes like the baby food cubes and blend it with everything for more frozen yummies--then you could just mix it with the fruits. Oh, and buy the blueberries frozen at costco, they are the best!

Julie said...

Thanks Jane. I have made green smoothies before but never with the almond milk. Do you use fresh almonds for that? Like the green smoothie lady? I have just used Orange Juice or other juice I had on hand but I wanted to do the other like she said. I get nervous to try something when it is unfamiliar. I love all of your tips. I have always tried to keep my greens fresh and it is sometimes hard. I will freeze them from now on. Also, Heather- you can watch the green smoothie lady on youtube videos. They are fun and I thought helpful when I was starting.

Janey said...

Ohhhh I totally buy silk almond milk...but I have wanted to make my own, I just haven't had a chance! I just got a coupon for almond breeze almond milk, I might try that! Seth drinks almond milk like it's going out of style...