Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chicken & Farfalle Salad w/ Pesto

My friend Steph sent this recipe which is from Cooking Light

2 c. farfalle (bowtie pasta)
2 c. grilled/sliced chicken
1 c. quartered cherry tomatoes
2 T. chopped pitted kalamata olives (I DON’T USE)

Remaining Ingredient:
4 curly leaf lettuce leaves

1 c. basil
3 T. chopped walnuts
1 ½ T. Olive oil
1 T. white wine vinegar
½ t. salt
1 garlic clove

Combine cooked pasta, tomatoes and olives in large bowl. Blend all pesto ingredients together in food processor. Toss pesto with Pasta mixture. Serve on lettuce leaves. Top with grilled chicken.

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Anonymous said...

Great recipe Heather! I took this dish to my recipe group (the theme was salads). Everyone loved it. It was very tasty and easy to make.